Hp elitebook 840G3 Core i5 8G. Ram 256Gb ssd 2.5ghz speed 14inch touch screen display

KShs 26,000.00

The HP EliteBook 840G3 is a sleek and powerful laptop designed for professional use. It features an Intel Core i5 processor with a speed of 2.5GHz, providing reliable performance for various tasks. With 8GB of RAM, it offers smooth multitasking and efficient handling of applications.


The laptop comes with a fast and responsive 256GB SSD, offering ample storage space for your files, documents, and applications while ensuring quick access to data. The 14-inch touch screen display enhances productivity and convenience, allowing for easy interaction with the laptop.


Overall, the HP EliteBook 840G3 combines a compact design, powerful performance, and a responsive touchscreen, making it an excellent choice for professionals seeking a reliable and portable laptop for their work needs.


The HP EliteBook 840G3 is a high-quality laptop designed for professional use, combining performance, durability, and sleek design. It is equipped with a powerful Intel Core i5 processor, providing a base clock speed of 2.5GHz. This ensures smooth and efficient performance for everyday tasks, multitasking, and even demanding applications.


With 8GB of RAM, the EliteBook 840G3 offers ample memory capacity, allowing you to run multiple programs simultaneously without experiencing slowdowns or performance issues. This makes it ideal for professionals who need to work with resource-intensive software or handle large datasets.


The laptop features a speedy 256GB SSD (Solid State Drive) storage, which not only provides ample space for storing your files, documents, and applications but also enhances overall system performance. SSDs offer faster read and write speeds compared to traditional hard drives, resulting in quicker boot times, faster file transfers, and improved responsiveness.


The 14-inch touch screen display adds versatility and convenience to your computing experience. It allows for intuitive interaction with the laptop, enabling you to navigate through applications, scroll through web pages, and zoom in on content using touch gestures. The display offers crisp visuals with vibrant colors, making it suitable for tasks that require precise detail or multimedia consumption.


In terms of durability, the EliteBook 840G3 is built to withstand the rigors of daily professional use. It features a sturdy chassis and a spill-resistant keyboard, providing protection against accidental spills that could potentially damage the internal components.


Connectivity options on the EliteBook 840G3 are abundant, with multiple USB ports, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port, and a card reader, allowing you to easily connect various peripherals and expand your connectivity options. It also supports wireless connections via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, enabling you to connect to the internet and pair with compatible devices.


Overall, the HP EliteBook 840G3 offers a compelling package of performance, durability, and versatility. Its powerful processor, generous memory, fast SSD storage, and touch screen display make it an excellent choice for professionals who require a reliable and efficient laptop for their everyday work tasks.


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